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Tableau Desktop 2018.1.4


Tableau Desktop 2018.1.4

Resolved Issues

791525 “Tableau has stopped working” appeared when executing “addfiletoextract” after adding a calculation that contained a parameter.
791255 After upgrading to Tableau Desktop 10.5, blanks in shape files were no longer shown as NULL, which caused unexpected behavior in calculations.
789218 In some cases, tooltips on a tree map had one character cut off.
788157 When using a date range slider in a dashboard in Tableau Desktop on a Mac, the values at both ends of the slider were partially hidden.
785071 After setting the Start page to the Sites page, Server Administrators were unable to log into some Tableau Server sites from Tableau Desktop.
785027 In Tableau Desktop, when using the Append Data from File (or Append Data from Data Source) command to add data to an extract which had a data source filter applied to it, the correct “number of records added” notification appeaed, but the new data set did not appear in the view.
782421 When connecting to an Azure SQL Data Warehouse stored procedure with Tableau Desktop 2018.1, no values were returned.
781632 When you upgraded a workbook containing a live SAP HANA connection to 2018.1, a “No such column” error appeared when loading workbook.
774517 Using Tableau Desktop 2018.1, a debug.log file appeared when you installed or double clicked a workbook.
695956 When using Thai language data, some fonts, including the default font, rendered some characters incorrectly.



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